Buildings and structures of Lower Silesian farms

The sites for the establishment of a manor or palace and farm complex were chosen very carefully, carefully analyzing the topography. The buildings were thought out and refined both in terms of the structure, the used building material and the proposed interior solutions - writes Renata Gubańska in the monograph "Buildings and structures of Lower Silesian farms". Published in 2009 by the Publishing House of the University of Life Sciences in Wrocław, the work has been deposited on the AZON Platform.


The first issue of the journal "Nature"

It is one of the oldest and most prestigious scientific journals. Its first issue was published on November 4, 1869 and it was this historical edition from the collections of the Main Library of the Wrocław University of Technology that was deposited on the AZON platform


Edible insects [VIDEO]

Roasted ants are spicy-sour, sweet termites, larvae of some beetles resemble whole grain bread, woodworms - fatty meat, dragonflies and some moths - fish, and wasps have a pine flavor


AZON 2.0 presented its resources at the XXIV Lower Silesian Science Festival

What does sugar look like under a microscope, what did the archaeological sites of Machu Picchu look like, or how can we use drone photos to estimate the population of Kotewka in Oława near Wrocław. This and many other resources and methods of their preparation could be seen by the participants of the presentation of the Atlas of Open Science Resources 2.0 during the XXIV Lower Silesian Science Festival.