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Resource type: video

Open Academy


Resource metadata

Title Open Academy
Persons Partner: Wrocław University of Science and Technology
Description Relacja z wykładu Open Academy prowadzonego przez Remigiusza Hajduka pt.: "Jail - zwiększenie bezpieczeństwa poprzez izolację procesów". (Polish)
Keywords "linux"@pl, "nauka"@pl, "Informatyka"@pl
Classification Resource type: video
Scientific discipline: dziedzina nauk matematycznych / informatyka (2011)
Destination group: students
Harmful content: No
Characteristics Place of creation: Wrocław
Creation time: 2006-02-23
Recording length: 00:01:45
Video recording genre or style: news
Publisher: TV STYK
Recording producer: TV STYK
Characters: Remigiusz Hajduk
Resource language: Polish
Codec: H.264/MPEG-4
Original medium: DVC PRO
Technical assessment of material quality: 4
Original video material: material assembled without logo
Sound: stereo
Number of tracks: 2
Location: Wrocław
License ID-NC-ND
Technical information Submitter: Łukasz Ferenc
Availability date: 04-06-2018
Collections Kolekcja Politechniki Wrocławskiej, Kolekcja e-Biblio PWr



Open Academy. [video] Available in Atlas of Open Science Resources, . License: ID-NC-ND, Date of access: DD.MM.RRRR.

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